What Darwin Never Knew
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What Darwin Never Knew

Watch What Darwin Never Knew (2009) : Full Movie Online Free Earth teems with a staggering variety of animals, including 9,000 kinds of birds, 28,000 types of fish, and more than 350,000 species of beetles. What explains this explosion of living creatures—1.4 million different species discovered so far, with perhaps another 50 million to go? The source of life's endless forms was a profound mystery until Charles Darwin brought forth his revolutionary idea of natural selection. But Darwin's radical insights raised as many questions as they answered. What actually drives evolution and turns one species into another? To what degree do different animals rely on the same genetic toolkit? And how did we evolve?

Production Countries: United States of America

Quality: HD


Casts: Karl Steudel, Jerry Chu, Kandace Cummings, Ellen Becker Gray

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